Space has always fascinated me. The only fascination of mine that goes beyond, is the relation of mankind with it and everything else around them. Over the 4 semesters in Exhibition(Spatial) Design, the versatility of the discipline gave me the opportunity to explore various unfamiliar grounds.

Work Samples

  • A Memorial for the Legendary MJ

  • Sarkhej Roza, Research Project

  • Glass Negatives of ASI

Work History

ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE: Internship at A B Design Habit, Mehrauli, Delhi in 2013 Under the guidance of Exhibition Designer, Amardeep Behl. Study at Museum of Islamic Arts, Doha, Qatar in 2012 Entrepreneurship Bawarchi, a venture of customised hand crafted books since 2011 Along with Product designer, Shailendra Jadeja and Graphic Designer Aadarsh Rajan Currently in my fourth year at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India Exhibition(spatial) Design, Batch 2010 This program is focused on the conceptualization and the communication of design concepts. Gaining critical abilities while engaging with communication theories; visual language and communication; spatial perception and design. 1994-2009 at M E S Indian School, Doha, Qatar. SKILLS: Software AutoCAD 2012 | SketchUp 8 | Photoshop CS6 | Illustrator CS6 | InDesign CS6 | Rhinoceros 4.0 | Microsoft Word 2010 | Microsoft Excel 2010 | PowerPoint 2010 Professional Research and Presentation | Design Proposal Development | Client Consultation | Material Board Development | Sketching and Hand Drafting | Conceptualizing and Communicating Personal Creative | Organized | Problem Solver | Detail Oriented | Tactful | Cooperative | Team Player | Professional | Punctual | Ambitious | Dedicated | Enthusiastic


3rd year, Exhibition Design, National Institue f Design, Ahmedabad, India M.E.S Indian School, Doha-Qatar