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Maro's Chip 43

Almond-sesame flavor, great for health
This product contains almond, one of the top 10 super foods selected by Time Magazine as it is rich in unsaturated fatty acid and polyphenol.

Cheese flavor, loved by children and women
This product is rich in essential nutrients including calcium, minerals, vitamins, and protein. In particular, it contains cheese which is very good for growing kids due to its high level of calcium.

Spicy flavor, perfect for when you feel low
This product contains chili pepper, rich in vitamin A and C, and capsaicin, which has an antioxidant effect that removes active oxygen from the body.

Sweet coconut flavor, excellent for anti-aging
This product contains coconut, which has anti-aging effects with more antioxidant
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Our new products Maro's Chip 43
The taste of three layers, toasted four times!
The laver products exported from Korea are mainly seasoned laver products. The Prestige Laver Export Agency Association has developed new types of laver products for the past two years, going beyond the existing seasoned laver products.
First, we set the product development direction based on overseas market research in the Americas, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia, etc. and jointly developed a prototype with Kongju National University.
After attending fairs with overseas buyers from Japan and Southeast Asia and participating in seafood exhibitions in Japan, Thailand, and Singapore with the prototype, we adjusted it and launched our first product in July, 2014.
As a nutritional snack for children and women! As a snack to serve with alcohol for men!
Now Seocheon snack laver has been launched in full swing to be introduced to consumers in the global market.
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1. Not fried in oil, no worrying about gaining weight
2. Contains pure natural ingredients for health
3. Free from the three additives - artificial dyes, synthetic flavoring, and synthetic sweeteners

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