HumbertoMorales-ID,CGI,Exhibitions,Interior/Comercial Design

    Mexico City, Mexico

Visual.3d [ design + consulting ] creates furnishings, fixtures and display stands for events such as large public exhibitions, conferences, trade shows and temporary displays for business, museums, libraries and galleries. Interior / Comercial Design and production.

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  • Pavillions


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Education & Training Exhibition Designers may come from many different backgrounds such as Industrial Design, Architecture, Interior Design or Graphic Design. As with any reasonably specialized role there is a lot of on the job training (not necessarily formalized) required. As with most of these disciplines there is a large requirement upon the following skill sets: Conceptual design Computer Aided Design (CAD) & 3D visualization Knowledge of safety, regulations and applicable standards Model making skills Many different companies will have their own multi-purpose system that may be used for the construction of smaller Exhibition stands, there are several different systems available and training into the specifics of each is usually conducted on a case by case basis.


Universidad Iberoamericana