Trold - Trolly that design for independent overage people
Urban Bears Story - Once upon a time, there were two totally opposite planets. The first planet known as “Pessimistic planet” is full of evil bears and the second planet called “Optimistic planet”, a place that is full of angel bears.

“Optie” Male bear that was born in the Pessimist Planet but has the heart of an angel, was well-liked by other devil bears.

“Pessie” Female bear that was born with a devil’s heart and wasn’t popular by other angel bears in Optimist world.

They both got banished from their planet, so both of them decided to go on the journey together and find some place where they can be happy while being themselves. Consequently they found the closest planet “EARTH”. A busy planet that is full of live, beauty and confusion, so if you see them around don’t forget to welcome them to your home.
Twisted Bear Wall lamp - Art on the wall collection, idea of bring the garden into your house
Emotion Basin - Created a nice, calm and relax atmosphere through the reflection of the light in your bathroom
Chill out Lounge - Beach Massage Sunlounge, is design for hospotality in Thiland, the idea of having massage while enjoy sun bathing as well

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