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Live interview of me in Trafalgar Square - with some intense old school criticism by Brian Sewell.
H Favorite
30 April 2010
The Body as Site and Sign Conference
Cogut Center for the Humanities, Brown University

Antony Gormley's artwork consistently engages the manifestation, appearance and unique form of the human body - his own in particular. Usually producing castings of his own body, hundreds of serialized copies of Gormley eternally stand at attention in galleries and public spaces from the Thames to Tokyo to his most recent installation 'Even Horizon' throughout Manhattan. In 2009, his One & Other project (www.oneandother.co.uk) proposed to move his work into a more democratic space. Instead of displaying his own body, he chose to manifest a body politic - a living, durational portrait of Britain. Over four months, 24 hours a day, the opportunity was given to 2400 people in the UK to stand for one hour on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and do whatever they pleased and have it broadcast live to the world. 5-6am 25 September 2009, I stepped onto the plinth and became the 1,941st ...

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