www.huadesignstudio.com ACCOMPLISHED PRODUCT PROFESSIONAL Proven leadership and expertise in product management, design and development. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Knowledge and Experience Skills • 12+ years of industry experience. • Ability to tackle any design situation no matter how ambiguous. • Self-starter and accustomed to working in fast-paced environments with little supervision. • Ability to multitask and work cross-functionally with related teams. • Management of teams domestically and in Asia. • Hands on knowledge of the design to manufacture process (concept, design generation, prototyping, production). Technical Skills • Expertise in industrial design and user experience design • Design thinking and design process • In-depth understanding of experienced based design • SW Proficiency: Solidworks, Rhino3D, Visualize, Keyshot, Adobe CS Suite. MS Office • Model making • Excellent written and verbal communication skills at both strategic and tactical levels. ACHIEVEMENTS • Patent Awards Received: USD600,675 S; USD594,441 S, USD617,198 S, USD260,448 S, USD620,447 S • BDA/Munitio: Successful development and launch of on-ear and in-ear headphones line, enabling BDA to enter the premium headphone space with the Munitio brand. • Panasonic Cloud Entertainment: Comprehensive design, development, and implementation of accessory product line for launch with Panasonic’s handheld MMO game system, the Jungle. • Monster Cable: Industrial design management of high profile partner programs. o Beats by Dre, Disney/Tron, HP/Monster Digital Life, Apple mobile, Vivienne Tam Butterfly • Lathrop: Drove and successfully implemented advance design tools into the product design and development process. ROI resulted in better communication of design concepts and ultimately stronger customer loyalty. • Cadence Palladium XP: Successfully designed and implemented forward-thinking ID for Cadence’s next generation super computer, the Palladium XP. Unique design innovations focused on human factors and efficient system clustering for upward scaling. • Nanometrics: Created, drove and implemented a new design language for the Nanometrics line of wafer metrology products. The design language created a family look that tied in industry expectations with a friendlier consumer feel.


Patent Awards: US D600,675 S; US D594,441 S, US D617,198 S, US D260,448 S, US D620,447 S

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