Xtreme Ride Concept - These sketches are a creation of a new and revolutionary roller-coaster design based upon extreme sports. It uses centrifugal force in place of gravity to reproduce the feeling of hills.
2005 UFP, Inc. Poster - This is a poster I did for Universal Forest Products, Inc. This particular design was used at their largest plant in the Northeast. Included in this poster are my 3D CAD and graphic design abilities. The box is designed, made and rendered in Rhino, while all the text and clean-up is done with Photoshop.
TV Remote - This is a TV remote based upon the fact of always losing the remote and needing an easy to use interface. The anchor, or small bulb, holds the batteries and is pushed into a couch or chair cushion. It is connected to the main control via a retractable 2 wire ribbon wire. The On/Off, channel, volume, and mute functions are all located within the 2 wheels on the main control. This is a great product for the disabled, children, or people that want an easy to find and easy to use remote.
Step-stool Stilts - This product is more sustainable and includes more interaction than the original product in the market right now; which is an ordinary step stool. These "Step-stool Stilts" are made of one Quik-Crete cardboard tube (black part) with carpet caps to form the steps (red part). It can come in various colors and designs.
HYDRA Logo and Machine - This is the logo I designed for a multi-headed splicing machine in which I also designed for Universal Forest Products, Inc. in Gordon, PA. You can see the whole story on the design, manufacture and the use of this machine at this link below:


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