I am a 5th Year Product Design Management Student @ DSK ISD International School of Design,INDIA

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Currently pursuing UG 5th Year in Product Design Management @ DSK ISD International School of Design, INDIA 2011_OXYLANE,India Freelance Project, 1 Week 2010-2011_DOMYOS, France Internship_Footwear, Fitness Products, Accessories Attended various Design Exhibitions 2010_OXYLANE > Imagine New 2.0 Selected for 1 Week Creative Workshop with other designers, to project the brand for next 10 years 2009 _KYOORIUS DESIGN YATRA, Mumbai attended & was inspired by the contrasting design vision of Ross Lovegrove. 2009 _DESIGN DIRECTIONS,Pune Internship_Rotomoulding Handcarts for Indian Market, New Design Methodology_Analysis, Quick Prototyping 2008 _MAKROTECH, Mumbai Basic Internship_3D Modeling Rhinoceros Different Design System, 2007-2009 _MIT ID,Pune 1st+2nd Year Foundation Product Design Working with various Machinery, Materials & Processes, Form Studies, Photography 2004-2006 _MODERN ENTERPRISES, Mumbai Different Self Adhesive Labels & Papers, Worked with a Iwasaki 6Colour Printing Press Specialties _SKETCHING Rapid Sketches to Intricate Finals Using various Mediums Illustrations, Story Boards & Plans _MODELING Quick Mock-ups Materials Metals, Density Fibres, PU Foam Wood, Metal/Wood Lathe, Clay , Paint Booth _FAVOREDTOOLS Mac OSX Leopard Chisel Tip Marker & Sign Pen_Write Coloured Pencils & Ballpen_Sketch Highlighters & Alcohol Markers_Render


DSK International School of Design, India