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  • ilham khalid Setiawan

    a lil bit 'bout me

    Jakarta, Indonesia

i love to animate, watch 3d animation movie and such a similar stuff

Work Samples

  • still image

  • vintage radio

  • snow play

Work History

hi there, I am Ilham Khalid Setiawan. i live in indonesia. a beautiful country in south east of asia. currently i am a freelancer. my specialization is 3d artist and motion graphic stuff. my project experiences are : October 2002 - �Suramadu Bridge� flythrough Animation. Presented in 3D for President Megawati as project preview. This 5th longest cable stage bridge animation was accomplished within 1 month of work- Position: Cityscape Geometry Builder January 2003 � August 2005 � Oki Nirmala TV series aired on TV7 Position: Background Artist - Jan 2003 � Jan 2004 FX and Background supervisor- Jan 2004 � Sept 2004 Production Head - Sept 2004 � Aug 2005 Note in OKI NIRMALA season 2, One of my tasks was to develop the visual look of the program including geometry, Color and Visual FX May 2005 - Short 2D animation for PT. Sosro presentation. �Happy Jus� Story Position: Animation Head Sorts of Teaser Including Hipnotis (aired on SCTV), Mentalist in Action (aired on TV7), Klise October 2005 �3d animation commercial of PT. GUDANG GARAM Position: Director, Story boarder, 3d animation head November 2005-3d animation filler of TV7 Anniversary Position: 3D character rigger, modeler, Animator and Compositor february 2006 till now - graphic host of Reality show "KONTAK JODOH" aired on sctv-indonesia April 2006 � OBB Kampung Dangdut. produced by AL CINEMA MEDIA, aired on INDOSIAR these days Position: Motion Graphic August 2006 -now PT.Unisystem as graphic design person,director and animator of short campaign movie of garbage and drainage. October 2006 - TVC : dumocalcin kids as graphic person November 2006 - documentary video of Bank Indonesia as Motion graphic person November 2006 - 2d animation Teaser of a reality program "bagimu guru" aired on TVRI December 2006 - documentary video of Bank Indonesia part II as Motion graphic person January 2007 - London School Public Relation video profile. as aditor and motion graphic person april 2007 - coca cola ROAM project. as motion graphic and animation person may 2007 - ALISAN tour and travel opening animation. september 2007 - Bank Indonesia part III. as motion graphic 2008 - Neo Baleno (sx4 sedan) launch video, motion graphic April 2008 - Astro Exresi (malaysian TV cable) - 3 items of animation ID. february-august 2008 - IMES project for public works April 2008 BINUS video profile october 2008 park of heaven (video clip) November 2008 DIKNAS animation bumper October 2008 Golden Pillow animation for DRTV December 2008 Setali (reality show) ------ september 2015 - sumitomo profile october 2015 - wismaya resident animation walkthrough Januari 2016 - fly power commercial march 2016 - momogi commercial


  • 10 nopember Institute of technology

    • bachelor industrial design
    • 1997 - 2002