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    Zürich, Switzerland

Hi, I'm Simona ...my atelier in Italy is moving slowly to Zurich... But for now I still don't have a real space for my paintings (I hope to find it soon!). For the moment it's possible to contact me by e-mail, buy somethings, order paintings, drawings, handmade greeting cards and more... NOW, in my internet site there's a little virtual shop, and from July some of my drawings and watercolours are exposed at ARTEcorum gallery in Zürich ( Neumarkt 21 . Zürich Switzerland / http://www.artecorum.com ) If you want to receive news, please contact me, I'll add your adress in my list! info@illusimi.com

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Work History

Simona Dimitri Born in Busto Arsizio (Italia) on March 15th 1976. Now I live in Zürich (Switzerland)   info@illusimi.com illusimi.blogspot.com School-leaving examination at the Artistic Liceo, in Busto Arsizio (school year 1993/94) School-leaving examination at "Arte e Messaggio" Institute, Milano (illustration division, school year 1995/96) Then (in the year 1999/2000) I attended a Multimedia-Visual Communication course. WORKS FOR PUBLISHERS .   . Theorema Libri (1998) . I illustrated some little stories for second and third book "Missione Lettura" (Milan Illustrations Agency) . Nuova Arti Grafiche Ricordi (1998/99) . I made some paintings for greeting cards, wrapping papers and T-Shirts . Saemec (1999) . I made paintings for two greeting card's set. . "Why cats hunt at night" written by Claire Lewellyn, Harcourt Education, 2004 (M.I.A.) . "Snow White" into the book "Where I am/Oh no, she's not", Harcourt Education 2005 (M.I.A.) . "The Yellow Balloon" written by Elen Bird, Evans Brothers 2005 (M.I.A.) . "Bird Watch" written by Su Swallow, Evans Brothers 2005 (M.I.A.) . "Why the Moon and Sun Shine", into a story book, Format Group (Texas) . "10 consigli per salvare gli animali" four central pages for LAV's magazine "Piccole Impronte", december 2005  . An illustration/poster in the back of "Piccole impronte" May, 2006 . "Pico Rotondo" written by Annamaria Gozzi, Giunti Kids 2006 . "Megan's Tick Tock Rocket" Evans Brothers 2007 (M.I.A.) . "Gatto Ghiotto" A little story written and illustrated by me for "Piccole Impronte"  . Amy's Slippers" Evans Brothers 2008 (M.I.A.) . I illustrated the cover for "Piccole Impronte" magazine, April 2008  . "Daisy learns to dance" Ladybird, June 2008 (M.I.A.) . "Don't worry, Henry Puppy" Ladybird, June 2008 (M.I.A.) . "Alfie Kitten makes a Friend" Ladybird, June 2008 (M.I.A.) . "This is my Tractor!", "This is my Digger", "This is my car" Usborne. These books are translated in some other languages, as well as English. (M.I.A.) . "I'm Happy! and other fun feelings" written by Clare Hibbert, Evans Brothers 2010 (M.I.A.) . "I'm Sad! and other tricky feelings" written by Clare Hibbert, Evans Brothers 2010 (M.I.A.) . "I'm Tired" written by Clare Hibbert, Evans Brothers 2010 (M.I.A.) . "I'm Busy! a feelings story" written by Clare Hibbert, Evans Brothers 2010 (M.I.A.) . I illustrated two cover and the introducing pages for Usborne "Illustrated Stories for Bedtime" and "Stories for little children". These two books will be publish soon.   (for my complete corruculum, please visit my website www.illusimi.com)     WORKS FOR ADVERTISING.   I made some illustrations (non fiction) for Battistella Pubblicità (Busto Arsizio) in the year 1996. I painted some illustrations for "Imagine" (Milano) for food packaging, and others for the brand and advertising campaign of the stores "I Giardini d'Olanda" I painted six illustrations for a photographic book (Carlo Polvara)  OTHER... From March 2000 to December 2006 I worked as a 2D Artist for Playstos, where I mainly made textures for 3D models.   I work since many years with Milan Illustrations Agency, that being intermediary between me and the publishers like Harcourt Education, Evans Brothers, Ladybird and Usborne. I work with this agency for the illustrations of children's books. Sometimes I make some illustrations for LAV and their children's magazine "Piccole Impronte" On September 2007 my Atelier in Busto Arsizio "ILLUSIMI, la bottega" was born, a little space in via Roma 11, where I worked and put up for sale my painting. It was a kind very little space full of colors! NOW! I moved to Zürich. I still work for children's books and I'll open, as soon as possible, my new Atelier here! (a new little space for me and my painting...)      COMPETITIONS AND EXIBITIONS .   . I placed 10th (on 500) at third Competition of Children's Illustration "Notte da Favola", Associazione Culturale Teatrio (Venezia 1997) . I placed 10th at the International Competition "Le Montagne Incantate", Comune di Bolzano e Ass. Cult. Teatrio (1997) . Selected at the Competition holded by Associazione Illustratori di Milano for the 1998 illustrated diary . Selected by the jury of Third International Award of Illustration "Scarpetta d'Oro", Vigonovo 1998 . Selected by the jury of 5th International Competition "Io e il Blu", Ass. Cult. Teatrio 1999 . Selected at the second edition of International Competition "Le Montagne Incantate", Comune di Bolzano e Ass. Cult. Teatrio 1999 . Selected by the jury of 7th International Competition "Storie di Città", Ass. Cult. Teatrio 2001 . In the year 2006, on summer, the "Riserva Naturale del Sacro Monte di Ghiffa" gave me hospitality for a painting exhibition in their beautiful place, on the hill above the lake, in a very charming garden. 


Arte e Messaggio, Milano



. International Competition "Notte da Favola" . Int. Competition "Le Montagne Incantate" . Competition holded by Associazione Illustratori di Milano, 1998 . Third Int. Award of Illustration "Scarpetta d'Oro" . Int. Competition "Io e il Blu" . Int. Competition "Storie di Città"