Hi, I'm Simona ...my atelier in Italy is moving slowly to Zurich... But for now I still don't have a real space for my paintings (I hope to find it soon!). For the moment it's possible to contact me by e-mail, buy somethings, order paintings, drawings, handmade greeting cards and more... NOW, in my internet site there's a little virtual shop, and from July some of my drawings and watercolours are exposed at ARTEcorum gallery in Zürich ( Neumarkt 21 . Zürich Switzerland / http://www.artecorum.com ) If you want to receive news, please contact me, I'll add your adress in my list! info@illusimi.com


. International Competition "Notte da Favola" . Int. Competition "Le Montagne Incantate" . Competition holded by Associazione Illustratori di Milano, 1998 . Third Int. Award of Illustration "Scarpetta d'Oro" . Int. Competition "Io e il Blu" . Int. Competition "Storie di Città"

Experience & Education