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Culture to Take Away: A souvenir for "Einblick-Ausblick" - 14-days-project summerterm 08, in teamwork with B.Hipp, B.Schwarz and M.Spingler

MuModules is a souvenir designed as a take-away for the annual exhibition “Einblick-Ausblick“ of my academy, the Muthesius Kunsthochschule.
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Unpacking the pencil case - What is the “Muthesius“?
What does it stand for?
What makes the academy so very distinctive and what creates its special charm?

The brick with the symbol of a house is the closing of the package and a symbol of welcome to our school. When the package is opened, first an arrangement of bricks and pens appears
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Pencils and sectors - Each pencil is standing for one of the three sectors at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design..

a highlighter for theory,
a pencil for design,
and a coloured pencil for fine arts.
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Pens and bricks - stand still or tumble down - Assembled to a cuboid the pencil caps (bricks) afford a safe standing to the pens. As soon as one pen, its cap included, is removed out of the formation, all pens will tumble down.

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With our design we try to visualize the character of the Muthesius Academy. Like the building and the public appearance the box presents itself as simple and
inconspicuous. But with a look in the inside a great variety can be found, which is symbolized by the colours of the hidden inner surfaces of the cuboid.
Once unpacked the pencil caps invite to play and to design. Different combinations result again and again in new formations.

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