ON THE FARM- Farm Animals Part and whole - An all time favorite: This is a fun cloth book that can be carried anywhere by the child.
The child recreates the life on Old McDonald's Farm farm by sticking the various farm animals on the book
It is also a puzzle as the child will have the match the correct head to the correct animal body. It can get very entertaining when the kids put the wrong head on the wrong body. Definitely a classic.
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Wild Animals Part and whole - A cloth play book- can be carried along everywhere
leads to loads of conversation, logical thinking and much more when the child matches the correct head to the animal.
Age 4+

This soft book is a fun teaching aid to teach your child the concept of SERIATION
Seriating activities are a great readiness activity to do with your child before they are introduced to formal reading and math skills. as these activities help the child to understand shape and size Here the theme is In My kitchen( level 3)

1 soft book
4 Jars
16 Biscuits
4 Glasses
4 plates

Aim of this game
The aim of this game is to place
• Place all the biscuits in their jars correctly according to the size
• Place the glasses in their correct height order
• Place the plates in their order according to size
• Place the biscuits on the plates correctly keeping the size in mind


• ONE TO ONE correspondence
• Visual discrimination
• Comparing
• Colour matching
• association
• Decision making
• Observational skills
• Matching
• Pairing
• Hand eye coordination
• Logic
• Self correction
How to use
This game can be used for various seriation activities.
It can be used by the teacher or parent for seriating just the biscuits in the jars
.it can be used during roll play where the child will seriate all the items acc to their size,

In my Garden - The aim of this game is to seriate flowers and its parts, pots and bees according to the correct size- from small to big.

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