Find the right pair- Slipper Match - Just put the chart up on the wall or place it on the floor like a mat.
Remove all the components. Let the fun learning begin as the child matches to make the correct pairs according to pattern or number. You can also ask the child to match only the missing/odd/even numbers. It can be used as a fun memory game where all the slippers are put face down and the child who matches most pairs wins!
My Counting Fruit Orchard - Watch the kids plucks those many fruits from the trees as mentioned on the basket.
Also sort by colour and types of fruits ed seedless, 1 seed, many seeds etc
Visual discrimination, Pairing, Decision making, Hand - Eye coordination, Observational skills, Matching, counting, number value, Classification etc
BEETLE NUMBER GAME - The aim of this game is to
1) Learn to recognize numbers
2) Learn number names
3) Learn number values
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c:ounting c:aterpillar - Counting caterpillar Is 1 toy that has 3 math concepts rolled in 1.
just twist the the cubes and learn to count , know the number value or the number names. join the cubes to make your own counting caterpillar
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Life cycle of hen - RIP & PASTE FUNALL objects and labels can be removed and placed back on to the chart, thus giving the child the freedom to recreate the Life cycle of the hen. Small details like the egg inside the hen, and chick hatching out of the egg help understand the topic better and add a fun element to the learning process

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