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  • Ant Lin

    Graphic Communciation Designer

    Singapore, Singapore

Being inspirational is a love evolved out of passion. Let learning be a never ending process, make your unreasonable demand be the reason for all my progress.

Work Samples

  • Aquent Calender 2011

  • The Vibrant Three

  • An opera without speech

Work History

<<Personal Data>> Lin Anting aannttant@gmail.com www.itstheant.blogspot.com <<Qualification Gained>> Nanyang Academy School of Fine Arts (Design & Media; Diploma in Visual Communication) <<Public Achievements>> 2010 June: Marina Bay Sand Flag Design -Awarded GOLD- Apr: YUBZ Collaboration -UK Product Design Production- <<Artistic Activities Participated>> 2010: Life Before Death Wonderful World of Water (Singapore) Swatch 2010 Marina Bay Sand Flag Design (My Marina Bay, My Inspiration) YUBZ Collaboration 2009: The 4th Wacom Holiday Season Contest 2010 HUGO Create- HUGO Man 15th Anniversary 2008: Crocs Shoe Design (Color Your World) ICON award 2008 Visual Studies (NAFA) 2007: Safety @ Work (MOM, ST) ICON award– Advertising Campaign NEA Mascot Design Singapore Packaging Design (Student Category) 2006: AStar Trophy Design UK Logo Design 2005: ICON award– Visual Studies (NAFA)


Nanyang Academy School of Fine Arts