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The Dirt On Midea Exhibit Panels - The UC Graphic Design Class of 2001 organized and designed an exhibit about Midea, a Bronze Age Acropolis
excavated by the Classics Department. Bronze Age
culture was divided into ten topics, architecture being one of them. Each topic was assigned a group of
three to four designers. Our team researched and eval-
uated what information should be on the panels,
and designed each side.

Also as a member of the design standards a group of
five other designers and I came up with the design
system for the exhibit; typefaces, color, grid, and image usage were all decided by us.
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The Acropolis of Midea Documentary - The Acropolis of Midea is a four minute documentary explaining to a general audience the importance of the discoveries found at the Midea arch├Žological site, located in Greece. It describes the importance of this Bronze Age settlement, and locates it in time and geography for the viewer.
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Greater Cincinnati Map - The clients needed a standard map that could be used in diverse applications, from print to signage. The map shown above was designed with all the general information provided to all clients. Their information was
organized into levels for the legibility of all elements.
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UC Women's Center Signage - The Women's Center needed recognition from directional signage to nameplates.

As the designer of their identity, I created a similar look for their signage.
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O'Bryonville Signage - This neighborhood signage brought
a mood of excitement to a small retail district.

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