Sorpresa - Retro Car concept - Retrofuturism - The theme
The Future is unseen, it is something, which we want to know but will never, ever really know in totality, it has an element of surprise.

People remember car by it’s external features. A look at the car generally reveals all the major features. The various elements used are derived from the various products of the past and the present giving the car the much-desired visual identity.

The design is a perfect integration of the soft and the hard visual features giving it a very distinguishing and different look. The car exteriors is a mix of the flat surfaces and the curves giving it the much desired futuristic look.
Eazie Ride - Motorized Wheel Chair - This concept is an attempt to make riding a pleasure for the physically challenged users. It has an optional power control system which allows users to make use of their stronger limbs to control the vehicle. The wheel chair design provides easy ingress and egress and allows allows users to set their seat comfort levels by providing both height and backrest adjuster. The swivelling basket also allows users to carry and access items of his/her choice while cruising along the roads. The frame and link structure provided is simple, economical and easy to mass manufacture.
Digital Rendering - These renderings were created on photoshop.
EYE Wear concept
Designer Watches- Concepts

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