Griffin Firewire Box GUI - Griffin Firewire I/O Box software interface. Design built on elements of the hardware box to create a connected look between hardware & software. VU analog & digital meters were created in Photoshop to provide animation artwork for final product.

Developed for Griffin by SaneWave, Inc.
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QSC Control Manager GUI - This is a Photoshop comp of the look and feel of the QSC Control Manager software interface with fly out menus & dialog boxes. This was the main template for the final product.

Developed for QSC while at SaneWave.
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Babel Box GUI - Software interface design for audio control box. This screen shows the inventory layout screen on the right and speaker inventory on the left.

Developed at SaneWave
QSC Control Manager Icons - These are Tool & Action icons developed for a software product that builds control interfaces for installed sound applications.

This work was completed during my tenure at SaneWave for QSC.

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