New Work Will Be Up Soon Right now teaching electronic design theory 1-4, digital photography, and PC Repair at Lacey Township High School. I'm looking for some freelance work to stay active in the field.

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EDUCATION Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA Bachelor of Science degree, Industrial Design May 2005 DESIGN SKILLS - Great with concept sketching and control drawings, not so great rendering freehand but make up for it using Photoshop - Knowledge of prototyping, form analysis, manufacturing processes, experience in model making, and experience working hands on with composite materials - Good with Cobalt, Better with Solidworks, Pro with Photoshop and Illustrator As for working with others, I teach high school kids 5 days a week. I have tons of patients and can work well with anyone. I have very good leadership and managerial skills that carry over into the classroom and on the football field, I coach for the 9-3 Constitutional Division Champs, the Lions. WORK EXPERIENCE - Teacher at Lacey Township High School, NJ 9/05 - present - Co-Owner of AfterFX DJ, 8/2004 - present Owner and DJ - Team Sports Lead, Dick's Sporting Goods, 5/2004 - 8/2005 INTERESTS -Car Interiors and Parts -Consumer Electronics -Sports -Music


Philadephia University