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Promotional poster for the project. Ink on paper, digital color. 11x17".
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In Cornwall, a child born from a Caesarian operation has unusual strength, the ability to see spirits, and discover hidden treasure.
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On Halloween, in order to foretell who will be one's mate, a girl can catch a snail, leave it under a covered dish all night, and next morning see which initials have been traced out by its slimy trail.
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In some languages, it is unlucky to refer to the pig directly. The Chinese call him "the long-nosed general."
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Within the Gaddang tribe in the Philippines, it is believed that a snake is swallowing the sun when there is an eclipse. When this occurs, people make a loud noise to frighten the snake and drive it away. If the sun seems to have been swallowed, the people continue making a loud noise until the snake returns the sun to its normal position in the sky. The Filipinos make the loud noise by beating pans with sticks or stones.

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