Trash Sculpture - Created for my Content Form Context I class. Instructor: Shiva Ahmadi
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Plant Checkers - A checkerboard concepted and designed for Concept Form Context III. Assignment: To create a playable game about assigned topic. Assigned Topic: Soil. The game puts the systems and processes of soil into practical use to grow African Violet plants.
Handblown Glass Paperweights - I have taken two glass paperweight classes at Vetro, which is located in Grapevine, Texas. These are the products of my most recent class.
Ceramic Family - This ceramic family was made for my Tools Materials Processes I class. Instructor: Marianetta Porter
Queen Of Hearts Shoes - These were the shoes that accompanied my "Power Suit" made completely of paper for my Tools Materials Processes I class. The assignment was to pick a character from Alice in Wonderland and fashion a costume completely out of paper. Instructor: Marianetta Porter

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