Working student double majoring in Japanese Studies and 2-D Art Forms. Enjoys digital illustration, digital photography, graphic design, drawing, and painting in addition to creative writing. Experience: Published work in Hunter College's The Olivetree Review, both written pieces and photography. Worked as a wedding photographer and photographer for her college's yearbook. Designed business cards for a small franchise and is currently creating more for an office in her college.


Publications in The Olivetree Review at Hunter College:: ▶ Fall 2012 // Piece is titled "In Progress" and is located on pages 130-131 in the digital version, pages 128-129 in print. ●http://issuu.com/olivetreereview/docs/no.52 ▶ Fall 2011 // Piece is titled "Untitled" and is located on page 31 in the digital version, page 29 in print. ●http://issuu.com/olivetreereview/docs/no.50 ▶ Spring 2011 // Written pieces are entitled "Nude Jogger Nailed by Taser" and "carefully." "Nude" is located on page 12 in both digital and print formats, and "carefully" is located on page 35 in both digital and print formats. ●http://issuu.com/olivetreereview/docs/no.49

Experience & Education