Working student double majoring in Japanese Studies and 2-D Art Forms. Enjoys digital illustration, digital photography, graphic design, drawing, and painting in addition to creative writing. Experience: Published work in Hunter College's The Olivetree Review, both written pieces and photography. Worked as a wedding photographer and photographer for her college's yearbook. Designed business cards for a small franchise and is currently creating more for an office in her college.

Work Samples

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Work History

Jessi James 334-494-8085 51 Bay 31st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214 ▶Skills ●Adobe Programs: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver ●Canon EOS 50D Digital Camera Experience ●Social Networking: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter ●Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint (2007, 2010, Vista, XP) and GoogleDocs ●58.5 WPM ▶Language ●Some Japanese Conversational Skills ▶Education:: CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies/Expected Date of Graduation: May 2015 // Accomplishments: GPA of 3.790, Dean’s List for Five Semesters Majors: ●Japanese Studies: Incorporates both language and cultural studies, including courses such as Japanese Conversation, Advanced Japanese Language, Traditional Japan, and Modern Day Japan ●2-D Art Forms: Includes studies of multiple forms of 2-dimensional art mediums with courses such as Advanced Painting, Advanced Drawing, Digital Photography, Desktop Publishing, and Illustration ▶Experience ●Business Card Design/ Freelance work for Milky Moo's Homemade Ice Cream in Troy, AL, January 2013 ▸Create several mock-ups for client based on goods for sale and client's wish for playful and informative design before creating final product ▸Work with client to ensure that needs and desires for design were met ▸Produce final product that met client's expectations ▸Print and mail final cards to company ●Student Peer Advisor/Hunter College: Sylvia E. Fishman Center, 2010-Present ▸Management of satellite advising stations and office opening and closing responsibilities obtained due to reliability and advising skills ▸Meet deadlines ahead of time by quickly learning new skills and software through major-specific training, program reviews, website evaluations, and financial aid audits ▸Interact directly with up to 50 students daily, building trust with the student body by listening to and understanding individual needs ▸Receive positive reviews from students’ evaluations and employee yearly reviews ▸Present academic requirements both to large orientation groups and in one-on-one settings with students ▸Advise supervisor on marketing and special programs to increase awareness of office’s services ●Wedding Photographer/ Freelance Work, March 2011 ▸Photograph bridal preparation, ceremony, post-ceremony, and reception using Canon EOS 50D ▸Edit photos in Photoshop and deliver to newlyweds in their desired time frame ●Yearbook Photographer/Hunter College: Center for Student Achievement, 2008-2012 ▸Photograph campus experience through departmental photos and student life on campus ▸Coordinate meetings with various departments to arrange for photo opportunities ▸Contact and assist various student club groups on campus for photo opportunities and submissions ▸Management of yearbook tabling at Commencement Countdown event due to knowledge of yearbook printing and submissions processes ●Front Desk Representative/Hunter College: Office of Advising Services, 2008-2010 ▸Maintain front desk duties, including networking, scheduling appointments, and handling phone and student intake services ▸Utilize Microsoft Office to create data tallying documents, document tracking and filing, and office marketing tools ▸Efficiently refer students to other resources within Hunter based on listening to and understanding student needs ▸Coordinate opening and closing of office when necessary ▶References:: ●David Lau, Sylvia E. Fishman Center, Supervisor and Coordinator, 212-772-4919 ●Arthur Ford, Center for Student Achievement, Center Coordinator, 212-772-4890 ●Reva Cohen, Office of Advising Services, Associate Director, 212-772-4887


CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique & Interdisciplinary Studies// Double Major ▶ Japanese Studies ▶ 2-D Art Forms



Publications in The Olivetree Review at Hunter College:: ▶ Fall 2012 // Piece is titled "In Progress" and is located on pages 130-131 in the digital version, pages 128-129 in print. ● ▶ Fall 2011 // Piece is titled "Untitled" and is located on page 31 in the...
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