monica.01 - Harmonica designed with the beginners in mind. A diatonic harmonica with 10 holes which offer the player 19 notes in the key of C. (10 holes times a draw and a blow for each hole minus one repeated note). Design is simple and modern to attrach the younger generation ( 7 – 25 years old). Inspired by colourful candies and other tasty treats. Always putting tasty treats to your mouth, now put tasty music in your mouth.
Di.Lomo.Ca - Digital Lomographic Camera concept. Making it digital makes it and more efficient to use, without taking away or rather, taking away the ability to delete images after taking them on the camera. The essense of lomography is retained as such in a digitised form.
Amalgam cutlery set - Cutlery concept for fusion cuisine, where the chopsticks are used together with western cuisine cutlery. Design influence from a chinese soup spoon with a very simple, U shape handle that is ergonomic to the user.
Slab on me - This is about the relationship between the greens and concretes in our lives. Concrete structures grow big and tall, over the greens. Now greens grow in the "sky", on top of these concretes, co-existing together. In the design of the coffee table, the table top represents a concrete slab, an urbanised object of the present. The grass-like frames are bent and welded together, imitating the existence of green nature around the urbanised.
Laptop bag concept sketches - Concept sketches for industrial project with AGVA.

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