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Screen on the Green Poster - This poster was intended to entice you to spend a magical evening under the stars in Piedmont Park while watching classic Turner stars on the big screen.
Yale School of Architecture 2005 Symposium Poster - As an intern at Pentagram, I worked with Michael Beirut to help create a poster for the Yale School of Architecture's yearly symposium that presented the lecture information and calendar of events in a systematic yet interesting way.
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Yale Symposium Poster - This was the poster I designed for the internship at Pentagram. An illustration of the Yale's architecture buildling.
When Will You Find A Way Out? - I illustrated a man trapped in a swastika maze with no apparent way out. This poster is about how sometimes we are stuck within the walls of our learned modes of thinking (racism, hate and negative environment ) that we do not even realize we are trapped by it.

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