Seoul city tap water has been classified as safe to drink by the standards on multiple occasions. The city council has such confidence in its water quality that it decides to launch its bottled water for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

However, whether the business has commercial viability is questioned as most people still distrust the quality of tap water. The outlook was not that promising given that tap water is considered public property.
I proposed simple and honest shape with vibrant pattern which supports the bottle structure and top load. As the price of Arisu was set very low, this idea helped to cut the cost reducing total weight of PET.

The ribbon wrapped pattern portrays dynamic, exiting and vibrant Seoul, as well as supporting the hand grip in the bottom of the bottle with denser grooves.

Almost transparent label emphasises the purity of the water, getting lighter as the pattern disappears.
Arisu bottled water was distributed during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, the Beijing Olympics (volunteers), the 2009 typhoon in Gaoxiong, Taiwan, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. In the 2010 Shanghai Expo, operating its own PR booth.

Arisu is increasing its stature as a world-class brand of water by being the first to reach disaster-hit areas and increasing its presence in international events.
Concept development.

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