Final Scrubber Concept - This was the result of a project focused around cooking and cleaning, where my research led me to redevelop the bathtub scrubber. This scrubber is designed to be used primarily on the foot but also allows the user to grip it by hand. A pole attachment cal also be used with it for extended reach.
Ergonomic & Health Issues
Scrubber Concept Development
Sketch Models
Ideation - Concept sketches for a ladies' electric shaver.
Final shaver concept
Inhaler Use
Inhaler Ideation
Sketch Models - I used these sketch models to get a better sense of form as well as the size of the inhaler in the hands of a child.

yellow foam sketch models
Inhaler Concept - This was my final concept for a metered dose inhaler designed for asthmatic children ages 8-12.

SolidWorks model rendered in Photoworks
Makita Cordless Vacuum - photoshop concept rendering of a Makita cordless project
Concept Development

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