Hello there! My name is Julie Kulp, and I am a graphic designer living in Bellingham, WA. Originally from my hometown in Pennsylvania, I have ventured 3000 miles cross-country (along with my hubby and two kitties) to expand my creative horizons. My maiden name, Karaszkiewicz, literally translates to "Son of Carp"; truly making me one Son of a Fish. I am a visual thinker, brainstormer, illustrator, sketcher, runner, cat lover, and daydreamer who loves what she does for a living.


Employee of the Month for ReminderMedia July 2011 Deans List, 2005-2009 Rookie of the Year for East Region for Cross Country, 2005 MVP for Kutztown University for Cross Country, 2005 PSAC Conference Honors for Cross Country, 2005 PSAC Region Honors for Cross Country, 2005 Academic Scholar Athlete 2005-2007


Greater Bellingham Running Club, Salvation Army (Pottstown, PA), AIGA Member

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