Medical Golf Cart - Marker sketch of a medical golf cart concept.
Studio Bed - Fold down bed-in-studio concept, for when it's too late to think.
Scanner Sketches - Use cycle and some initial formal concepts of a grocery scanner.
Hand Truck
Clutter Cutter - Line drawing of a desk top clutter organizer.
Pew-Pew! - Analysis of the classic Nintendo duck hunt gun.
Thinking - Thought process on paper.
Thinking - Thought process on paper.
Formal Iteration - Ideation of the form of a shopping center directory.
LED - Concept of an LED flashlight.
Penguin Opener - Concept of a bottle opener inspired by a penguin.
Thinking - Working out some shapes for a salt and pepper set.
Inside the Fridge
Wagon BBQ
All the Possibilities!
1972 GMC 1500

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