My name is Jochen Laveno Mangelsdorff. What I am really good at is design. I work as a freelance designer in my own company and start up projects together with others or simply do it myself. I have previously been working as Vice President of Industrial design at Neonode Technologies. At Neonode I mostly developed and integrated new technology into aesthetic solutions. The Solution could be a digital concept, a demo or a customer product. To help our customers with design support was also a common task. If the task was too big for one person I took some help a few designers from no picnic. Some of my work can be seen at Neonodes Concept gallery and ofcource in my website jochenlavenomangelsdorff.com Before my time at Neonode I was active as a freelancing designer for a variety of companies in different branches. Some of this work can also be seen at my website jochenlavenomangelsdorff.com

Experience & Education