Design Research Associate

Location: Evansville, IN Posted: Jan 23

Job Description

We are looking for a Design Research Associate – a smart addition to our growing Corporate Industrial Design Center. You can do details and the big picture; you can make insights tangible to clients and to designers. You’re a right-brained synthesizer and a left brain analyst, someone who can make sense of what’s important and communicate it clearly. You are skilled at understanding market challenges, designing programs to bring those challenges to focus, and executing programs that deliver results designers and clients can use.

Plan, recruit for, and run observational research with clear goals and the right methods for the project. Conduct and moderate sessions, interview users and experts to dig behind the what, to find the deeper whys. Masterfully sort through complex information to identify what’s important. Highlight broad patterns in a simple and succinct manner, without losing the nuance of details.

Distill your thinking and lead the creation of persuasive outputs through presentations and videos that use storytelling to bring research to life that make the complex clear and actionable. Work collaboratively with a broad design team who work in both physical and digital domains to translate the insights into meaningful design imperatives and directions.

Establish strong and collaborative rapport, build, and deliver winning pitches and proposals to designers and clients. Identify opportunities for delivering additional value.

 Bachelor degree required, preferably in Industrial Design
 2-5 years of relevant experience highly preferred
 Experience observing, studying, and analyzing end-users with product use
 Must have strong interpersonal communication and people skills
 Some domestic and international travel may be required

Reports to the Creative Director

Visit us on YouTube under “Berry Plastics Design Center”

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