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Location: New York, NY Posted: Mar 24

Job Description

A world-changing company:
Palantir is a place where designers spend their days working on problems that truly matter. In our short history, we've empowered scientists monitoring the environment, prevented the spread of disease, taken down human trafficking networks, helped homeowners avoid foreclosure, prevented fraud in Medicare, and helped Governments save billions.

Sound exciting? We think so.

The product design team:
We design the futuristic and visionary software from science fiction films — except ours is real, and is used to solve the world's most complex information problems. Palantir designers bring clarity, beauty, and delight to the process of using software to connect ideas and create insight within vast seas of data. Our team's work has a profound impact across the company and the platform: we work on every feature and every interface that users touch — for desktop, mobile, and web.

How we work (interaction):
We fill our sketchbooks and whiteboards. We prototype with pencils, CSS, and Keynote. We visit field offices, talk to users, and investigate. We rigorously share and promote our ideas, and constantly incorporate feedback and critique. Each interaction designer owns the user experience of a feature, and together with our brilliant engineers, we evolve the usability of the platform as a whole.

How we work (visual):
We draw, we paint, we align and space. We love icons and chrome. We care about typography, readability, elegance, and balance. We design interfaces to be beautifully simple, and to fade into the flow of our users' work. We rigorously share and promote our ideas, and constantly incorporate feedback and critique. Each visual designer owns the look and feel of a feature, and together with interaction designers and engineers, we refine and evolve the style and tone of the platform as a whole.

What we value:
• Excellent communication skills. You have a proven ability to build great relationships, and convey and debate design rationale
• Empathy, not ego. We strive to understand our users and we fight to empower them
• A profound love of engineers. Palantir is an engineering company, and we get to work with some of the best in the world. Engineers realize our vision — and we realize theirs — and together we create software that our users love
• A highly iterative design process. We move fast, we listen, and we adapt. We rapidly incorporate feedback, and we relentlessly collaborate. You must be adept at giving and receiving critiques
• A mastery of tools. We move with ease across software and fidelity, depending on the task at hand. Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, or Keynote — and good old-fashioned pencil and paper

**Please note this is not an industrial design role.**

Application Details

Please provide your portfolio for review! =) Note, this is not an industrial design role.

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