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Location: New York, NY Posted: Jul 2

Job Description

Google Ideas is a team at Google that explores how technology can enable people to confront threats in the face of conflict, instability or repression. As an interaction designer you are at the forefront of every product we build.

The job of an Interaction Designer is to envision how people experience our products and bring that vision to life in a way that feels inspired, refined and even magical. In this role you’ll tackle complex tasks and transform them into intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use designs for products that can empower people around the world—from the first-time user to the sophisticated expert. You’ll rely on user-centered design principles to produce high-quality visuals and user interfaces—from concept to execution—across many platforms. Achieving this goal requires collaboration with teams of Researchers, Engineers and Product Managers throughout the design process—from drafting user flows and wireframes to building prototypes and production designs. At each stage, you will iterate on user feedback, anticipate what our users need, and advocate for these needs to ensure that the final product and delights and empowers them.

- Independently design user interfaces for new and existing Google Ideas products by storyboarding, prototyping, and producing final product design assets for release.

- Build a deep understanding of user motivations, opportunities and competition through user research, feedback, and design exploration. Iterate on design based on findings and tech constraints.

- Push creativity, challenge established thinking, and discover new ways of approaching (and solving) a problem; explain choices to cross-functional teams in regular design reviews and express concepts both verbally and visually.

Minimum qualifications
- BA/BS degree in Design (e.g., interaction, graphic, visual communications, product, industrial), human-computer interaction, or equivalent practical experience.

- Expert proficiency in the basic software tools of the trade (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks).

- 4 years of experience designing elegant interfaces that simplify complex in web and mobile products.

- Core design skills; ability to establish visual hierarchy, layout, typography, and color effectively; Strong attention to detail; Clean visual design sense; detailed understanding of best practices in UX design.

Preferred qualifications
- Outstanding portfolio of interactive projects, including work that demonstrates ability to design products for multiple device form factors and creatively solve complex design challenges.

- MA/MS degree in Design (e.g. interaction, graphic, visual communications, product, industrial), HCI, CS, or a related field and 8 years relevant work experience.

- Experience working collaboratively with other designers, product managers and engineers in a variety of settings and strong communication skills with the ability to listen, articulate positions, and advocate designs.

- Fluency in HTML/CSS and experience prototyping motion and interactivity (using Flash, AfterEffects, Maya, JavaScript etc)

- Good project management and implementation skills and ability to juggle multiple projects on tight deadlines without compromising quality.

Please include links to a portfolio. This is a big piece of the review, so submissions without a portfolio won't be able to be considered.

Application Details

Apply to the Google Jobs posting, and reference your interest in Google Ideas team in your cover letter. Please include links to a portfolio of recent work, with a clear indication of what role you played in each piece presented.

How To Apply

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