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Location: Portland, OR Posted: Aug 7

Job Description

Interaction designers at Ziba are thinkers and makers with a passion for solving problems and creating experiences people love. That requires balancing form, function, movement and beauty. Our intention is lofty – humanize technology by making the best possible user experiences – but that doesn’t mean we’re afraid to get our hands dirty. Putting functional prototypes into users’ hands early and often is crucial.

Interaction design at Ziba means creating the future with some of the most recognized brands in the world – you’ve heard of FedEx, Intel and adidas, right? Our work is complex, but win-win-wins are possible: business and consumer needs woven together into products we’re proud of. Our solutions do right by our clients and delight the people who use them.

You are:

- A digital craftsman. (High proficiency with the existing visual and prototyping tools of our trade are table stakes; you’re most likely making your own solutions, too.)
- Passionate about cultural and technological intersects. Articulating and deploying current trends with great relevance to projects is our bread and butter.
- Knowledgable about how technological capabilities and constraints impact end user experiences.
- Experienced in interaction design methodology and processes.
- Comfortable working in cross-disciplinary teams with designers from a variety of fields.

You can:

- Analyze client and customer needs to generate user requirements that inform designs.
- Contribute to design research through concept generation, evaluation and synthesis.
- Generate information architecture and cognitive models that support innovative and highly functional design solutions.
- Translate architecture and interaction needs into appropriate visual designs that balance function and beauty.
- Produce development-friendly visual assets that support your designs.
- Prototype your ideas and test them in the real world.
- Collaborate with developers to reinforce design intent along the path from idea to reality.
- Communicate effectively across a variety of mediums including writing, speaking, graphics and motion.

How we’ll support you:

As an entry-level Interaction Designer, you’ll be expected to leverage your existing experience and skill in the pursuit of innovative and effective design solutions. In return, we’ll help you grow professionally through peer mentorship in an environment of constant learning and exploration. We expect you to hit the ground running from day one, but we’ll all be running right along with you.

Stuff we’d like to see in your application:

- A link to your portfolio and one-page resumé.
- A brief introduction letter that includes a few of your favorite user experiences and explains why you love them.
- At least one project case study showing your design process from beginning to end, including a summary of how insights influenced the final result.
- Links to interactive prototypes and/or motion studies that demonstrate your design intent.

Ziba is an EEO employer.

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