Industrial Design Fall Internship

Location: Atlanta, GA Posted: Aug 9

Job Description


We’re a tight-knit group of creative professionals who design consumer-driven products and experiences. You can see our innovations in homes, hospitals and businesses around the world.

But this isn’t about us, It’s about YOU!

THRIVE is growing and looking for world class talent. That’s why we’re looking for that special Fall intern to join us in September.

Why should you work with us?

(1) You’ll be challenged. Every organization talks about development and evolving your career, but here, it’s part of the job description. You’re going to show us what you’re great at, and we’re going to help you break into all the other things you’ve always wanted to do, from Industrial Design to Research to Branding and on and on. If you’re insatiably curious and ready to give your career all you’ve got by stepping beyond the title on your business card, we’d love to chat.

(2) You’ll help solve the right problems.
Our clients come to us because they have a problem. And boy, do we love a challenge, so we attack each and every one with incredible rigor, discipline and a quality-or-die attitude. Work with THRIVE and you’ll get a chance to make a real difference for businesses and people through the products they interact with every day.

(3) You’ll work with people as passionate (i.e. crazy-dedicated) as you are.
There’s no shame in being mega-enthusiastic about what you do, especially if that’s code for entrepreneurial. If this sounds like you, you’re going to fit in just fine around here. Here’s the thing: We’re growing. Fast. And if your idea of a good time is being a part of something big, then this is the place—and the team—for you.

(4) Atlanta: On the Edge of Awesome.
It’s true. Atlanta isn’t Chicago or New York—but that’s part of why it’s so great. Here, you’ll have the chance to be part of a well established but still growing creative hub, somewhere a little out of the ordinary. Big fish? Yeah. Start swimming with us.

Is this where you belong?

THRIVE is a meritocracy. Show us what you can do, and we’ll show you how quickly you can grow with us—your opportunities are as great at your ability to prove to us how great you are.

Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable? Have you got a passion for making the complex clear? Do you see ambiguity as a chance to adapt, learn more, do something different?

Are you good in a group? We work closely together, so we have to not only get along but also shoulder both the credit when things go well and the responsibility when they don’t. What’s your tolerance for drama? (Ours is pretty close to zero.)

Are you great at what you do and gracious about it? What’s your expertise-to-ego ratio? Do you have the confidence to both give and take feedback?

Are you both creative and analytical? Can you look at difficult problems from multiple angles and make sense of complex things? Do you actually get out of bed in the morning because you might get to do that?

This is a unique opportunity to experience a vibrant creative culture and cut your teeth on real world challenges with a world-class design and innovation consultancy who works across a variety of industries including consumer goods, home appliances, juvenile products, and healthcare.

- Participate in multi-disciplinary brainstorming sessions with designers, clients and other creative groups within THRIVE.
- Rapidly visualize concept ideas through sketches, renderings and physical prototypes.
- Develop 3D digital surface models of high complexity and sophistication that are both aesthetically accurate and technically robust.
- Innovate within known high and low volume manufacturing techniques, specifying materials, construction, mechanism, color and surface finish
- Present your ideas to internal teams with passion, clarity and a clear rationale.

- Strong capacity for critical thought and problem solving.
- Exceptional visualization and storytelling skills with a world class sensitivity to form, color, finish and materials.
- Solid expertise in CAD modeling, digital rendering and illustration using Solidworks, Keyshot, Adobe Suite and Painter.
- Strong aesthetic sense with the ability to create products that stimulate people’s senses and emotions.
- Strong understanding of the design process with the ability to link tasks together and anticipate next steps.
- Strong interpersonal and presentation skills.
- The desire to work collaboratively in a fast paced environment with demanding deadlines.
- Enthusiastic towards learning all aspects of product and brand creation.
- Strives to exceed the expectations.

Application Details

Interested candidates should email a cover letter, resume, and portfolio samples. Please limit submissions to 5MB. Submissions without a portfolio will not be considered. Portfolio samples must contain examples of your design process demonstrating strong sketching and problem solving skills.

How To Apply

Apply Now

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

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