Assistant Professor, Interaction Design

Location: Washington, DC Posted: Mar 1

Job Description

About the institution
The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design is focused on a question: How can we create an innovative and groundbreaking school of arts and design that promotes diversity of thought and experience, addresses critical social issues and educates the next generation of creative cultural leaders?
Part of the George Washington University’s Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, the Corcoran School offers over 20 undergraduate and graduate degrees and functions as an incubator for artists, designers and scholars and with diverse courses serves to enrich students across GWU. The challenges society faces are diverse, requiring different modes of thought; the Corcoran provides a platform for engagement that bridges creativity and professional practice with the breadth and depth of the larger liberal arts education.
The Corcoran School embodies and exemplifies what Columbian College has defined as the Engaged Liberal Arts, which strives to link disparate fields and better prepare our graduates for rich, multidimensional careers in the 21st century.

About the program
Set to launch in Fall of 2018, the Interaction Design Program at the Corcoran is intent on building compelling relationships between people and the systems around them. Moving beyond screen interfaces, the Corcoran IxD Program is intended to be an incubator for design-based problem solving and the creation of interactive spaces, devices, systems and services. With an undergraduate BFA and a graduate MA with tracks in Public Policy and Entrepreneurship the Corcoran IxD Program will be a key driver for design and innovation in the broader GW community. The Corcoran invites applications for Assistant Professors in Interaction Design, who will serve as part of the founding team for this exciting new program at the Corcoran.

Primary job responsibilities

The appointees will be expected to assume a key role at the Corcoran in mapping new directions in Interaction Design.

Generate and develop strategic partnerships with industry, government, and/or diverse community organizations;

Teach in the undergraduate and graduate IxD programs

Prepare and assessment of curriculum in the program

Serve the Corcoran and broader community
Contribute to the profession and/or discipline, both nationally and internationally

Develop collaborations and/or partnerships with faculty across the Corcoran and the broader GWU community

How To Apply

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