Senior UX Designer

Location: Los Angeles, CA Posted: May 25

Job Description

Part product manager, part designer, part developer, part strategist, a Senior UX Designer understands how to match user needs with business requirements, how to balance client needs with team needs, and most importantly how to lead a team to deliver the best possible product to our client’s users.
The UX team at BLITZ serves as a key pillar in our Experience Design discipline. UX works closely with Development, Visual Design, Strategy, Project and Account management to guide a project all the way from concept to execution.
How do you know you should be a Senior UX Designer at BLITZ? You care about people. You care emphatically, not just about our client’s end users, but every user that makes the experience possible. You know that the consumer experience is just the tip of the iceberg of a whole system of user experiences. At BLITZ, we design at all levels of the iceberg. You’re comfortable in the weeds, and at 10,000ft. You see the forest, but you understand the trees.
• Work closely with strategy team to define and understand audience, conduct research, and set a product vision
• Work iteratively to define a product vision through conceptual diagrams, wireframes, and prototypes
• Conduct user testing to validate product vision
• Partner with developers and designers to collaborate and iterate in fast-paced design-build cycles
• Present deliverables and recommendations to clients and lead related meetings.
• A passion for making things better
• Excellent communication skills and ability to explain your design decisions
• Proven ability to work with cross-functional teams and successfully launch new products
• Interest and abilities in prototyping software (Framer, Principal, pick your poison)
• 6+ years of industry experience.
• Comfort and poise in a client facing role

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NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

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