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Location: Boston, MA Posted: Jun 15

Job Description

We are seeking a Graphic Designer to incorporate into our product design team with a strong sense of aesthetics and a solid foundation in UI/UX design and its process. You will need to compose beautiful and compelling user experiences, with consistent designs across multiple applications. Design is incredibly important to us, as well as a deep understanding of our users and their needs. You will have the opportunity to define the product experience and leave your mark. '

-Portfolio of work showcasing predominantly digital and some print work
-Experiences with very high quality mobile and web design projects
-Graphic, Industrial and/or UX design experiences or training
-Strong design thinking and thought process
-Prior work experience of at least 1-2 years with product and technology teams
-Strong color sense and artistic technique
-Passion for pixel perfect design and strong command of visual design capabilities, including composition, layout information hierarchy, typography, iconography
-Awareness of the latest trends, patterns and practices in UX
-Fluency in Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign
-Ability to work with engineering to execute designs
-Ability to work efficiently, but also with great attention to detail while under the rigors of a startup schedule
-Strong user research practices

-Experiences with animation software
-Experiences with Premiere other video editing software

General characteristics:
-Adhere to company policies and practices. If they don’t work, suggest an alternative.
-Bring solutions, not problems. If you can’t solve a problem, ask for help – don’t complain.
-Take your job seriously, not yourself.

Please send your resume to and explain why you're interested in the role.

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