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Location: San Francisco, CA Posted: Aug 10

Job Description

We're looking for our next Visual / Interaction Designers to help our partner-clients in the San Francisco area. We are considering multiple openings, but expect these roles to be able to lead projects. Exact title would be appropriate to your level & experience.

We pride ourselves on researching and designing for a wide variety of complex products and domains. Whether it’s enterprise design (VMWare, Cisco, etc.), large user populations & product integrations (e.g., Google), multifaceted systems (e.g., BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit public transportation), different experiences (e.g., Gooru, and the ‘learning experience’), or subtle real-life experiential challenges (e.g., bagels, coffee, asteroids, etc.), we like all complexity (and destroying it).

We are headquartered in San Francisco and have expanded to multiple locations in the U.S. where we see opportunity for UX to become more impactful. If you see yourself taking on many roles as we expand, from technical visual design, large-scale interaction design, offering design-minded insights, to the occasional business conversation, read on.

This role would primarily involve visual & interaction design across a broad set of clients and projects. While "visual & interaction design" is the label for the primary role, we understand the Hunting the Unicorn conundrum (search for that term and Design Staff, Google Ventures, if you haven't read that great blog post). Basically, all designers are unique. You may have very direct educational and training background. Or you may have a political science, journalist, art, human factors, or database administrator background. Regardless, you now have design experience and can demonstrate yourself as a great designer in some fashion. You will work on projects that fit your core skillsets, and other projects that stretch you to match our client needs across the user-centered design process. These could be individual or team projects, of short or longterm timeframes. We're often brought as change agents, bringing new perspective; help for rapidly growing teams in a variety of organizations; and creators of new products or leaders for major revisions. Whatever our clients' needs from a UX partner, we, and you, would help bring that expertise to the table.

* Knowledge and skills in visual and interaction design. Wireframes, graphic artwork, design specifications, functional prototypes, concept designs, etc. You should be able to show us work samples that demonstrate your passion for design and breadth of ability.

* Ideally you have ‘big company’ experience. Many of our clients require a certain level of ‘big company’ professionalism and design detail (in fact, many of them are actually big companies). Having said that, your ability to take all that you know and fit it to a super-charged fast-as-we-can early-stage start-up client is important as well. One size does not fit all.

* Technically adept with a variety of software products. We are constantly testing new software for clients, from top-end enterprise to mobile consumer products. We are also expected to deliver results across a variety of publishing formats; e.g., simple reports, web delivery, video, etc.

* Well-versed in "user research and usability". Given that we wear many hats, no one will be designing in a cave. User research and usability is a core business driver for us. You must be able to participate in these activities.

* Some more technical skills. What exactly? Who knows; you tell us. There's something you do, can build, or know about that is interesting to you and that we'd like to hear about.

* A degree in a design-oriented specialization is required. Other technical degrees with emphasis or specific experience in these areas are also welcome.


Along with your resume (LinkedIn preferred), please send a brief description of yourself and why you'd like to work with us at EchoUser. Some portfolio is required (personal or professional). It doesn't need to be perfect (in fact, showing messy process is great), but we do need to see design examples.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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