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Location: NY Posted: Sep 19

Job Description

Opentrons makes robots for biologists.

Today 90% of biologists in the world have never used a lab robot. Instead, they run experiments with manual pipettes, moving tiny amounts of liquid from vial to vial by hand. This is not because they don't want robots to do their pipetting; its because they could never afford them before.

At 10x - 100x lower price than any other lab automation, Opentrons is making robotics accessible to average life-scientists. This means we are usually our customer's first experience with a robot in the lab. This gives us the opportunity (and challenge) to create the user experience of biology lab automation for most of the biologists around the world, from scratch.

Opentrons is a company obsessed with making things easier for biologists so they can focus on answering some of the most important questions of our time. Our interdisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, designers, and business people spend every day trying to provide the best tools to the most scientists possible. We are looking for a talented designer with a strong background in user experience research to join us.

Core responsibilities:

- Work closely with business and science leads to help identify key priorities and opportunities based on user insights.

- Apply user-centered design methodologies to ensure features and designs are based on customer needs.

- Create wireframes and build prototypes to illustrate concepts and work closely with developers to build out experiences.

- Use a variety of methods to convey ideas and concepts (i.e. storyboards, wireframes, paper prototypes, etc.)

- Plan and execute usability tests, presenting the data to the full product team in regular intervals as a key component of our iterative product development process.

- Become a key user advocate and help teams improve user-centered design approaches in every corner of the business.

About you:

- You are a passionate UX designer who asks questions, is passionate about generating and analyzing user data, and wants to create great user-centered experiences for scientists.

- You thrive thinking on both a macro and a micro level to make decisions that enable smooth end-to-end user journeys.

- You have experience designing and shipping software experiences that connect to hardware.

- You look for new, incremental ways to enable experience customization and shape the overall user engagement.

- You’re excited about conducting high-quality user experience research, creating a cohesive and well designed visual experience, and bringing your experience into the world of biology.

- You're in your comfort zone applying user research to evolving interfaces through a fast-paced, iterative design / build / test process.

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NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

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