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Location: Saint Paul, MN Posted: Sep 25

Job Description

Psoup is a design firm located in St. Paul, MN. We design products for companies of every shape and size and in a variety of industries, but our sweet-spot is developing medical devices for start-ups. The services we provide cover the breadth of the product development cycle; concept development, industrial design, mechanical design, electrical design, prototype development and refinement, functional testing, verification and validation, regulatory support and ultimately manufacturing placement. Our goals are to provide excellence in product development, to steadily grow our capabilities and to enjoy every work day.

Psoup is seeking a Mechanical Design Engineer with the following characteristics:

1. World-class mechanical engineering skills. First and foremost, Psoup is looking for a mid to high level, degreed, mechanical engineer who can conceive of extraordinary and elegant solutions to design problems and execute them. You must be a great, hands-on product designer and these skills must have been demonstrated professionally for at least five years.

2. Excellent product development skills. The engineer we seek is also a person who has the inclination and the ability to perform all the tasks necessary to bring a product to market. You must write plans and lead teams. You must develop and write product specifications, as well as protocols and reports to test those specifications. You must understand how products are manufactured and be able to push those processes to their limits.

3. Excellent business and communication skills. Great ideas go nowhere if you are not able to articulate them. Psoup engineers interact with clients, suppliers, and team members every day and you must not only tolerate those interactions, but actually enjoy them.

If you meet these requirements please forward your resume and portfolio.

No phone calls please.

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No phone calls please.

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