Lighting Design Engineer

Location: Brooklyn, NY Posted: Dec 7

Job Description

Lighting Design Engineer
Full Time Position - For Immediate Hire

Lighting Design Engineer at Matter Made is responsible for design of in-house and collaborative projects with a strong focus on lighting and electrical engineering. The Lighting Design Engineer works to develop and improve lighting products in respect to their assemblies and lighting specifications. The ideal candidate has 3-5 years in a similar position developing and engineering lighting designs for production. Knowledge of wiring, drivers, dimming solutions, and LED technology is a must. This role is in charge of overseeing testing of UL / CE and any certifications requires.

Overview of Lighting Design Engineer Position:

Research and Development for new and existing products
Sourcing of vendors for production for manufacturing, sampling, and custom lighting parts
Sourcing drivers, dimmers, LEDs and power solutions to new and existing lighting
Management of UL/CE and other certifications
Communicates with production design intent and proper lighting assemblies
Looks to improve existing lighting designs
Develops custom lighting design and drawings for custom orders
Completes Production-ready parts and drawings
3D models and renders concepts for new and existing parts
Keeps informed on lighting and LED technology
Checks Quality Control on all lighting orders
Has a strong understanding of materials and production processes
Has knowledge of tolerancing, fittings, and mechanical assemblies
Has the ability to design within the Matter Made’s aesthetic and maintain brand language
Maintains an organized and clean work space

Application Details

Apply with an introduction, resume, and relevant work samples to
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