Head of User Experience (UX) Design

Location: Manchester, NH Posted: Dec 11

Job Description

The Head of User Experience Design provides academic leadership for the User Experience (UX) Design program and works collaboratively with Head of Graphic Design, Design faculty, and Chairs and faculty from other departments to shape the vision and role of design education across the college with specific application to the User Experience Design major. The Head of User Experience Design teaches five courses annually, has direct oversight of all faculty of the User Experience Design program, and primary responsibility for developing and maintaining a forward-looking, innovative, student-centered User Experience Design program that fosters a collegial learning environment and prepares all students well for the challenges they face post-graduation.
To be evaluated on the quality and effectiveness of your academic leadership, administrative and budgetary acumen, organizational and personnel management skills, effectiveness in recruiting, hiring, and managing faculty, collaborating with your colleagues across the college, and advising and mentoring students.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Providing leadership and management within the department on issues such as budgeting, personnel management, curriculum, and facilities;
• Identifying, recruiting, hiring, supervising, evaluating, and mentoring existing and new faculty, while elevating appropriate requests and concerns in writing to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies as necessary;
• Monitoring the department’s faculty for its timely engagement with grading and the appropriate reporting of required information to the college’s various administrative offices;
• Scheduling regular meetings of departmental faculty and at least two meetings per year for all faculty and students within the department;
• Providing and /or promoting professional development opportunities for departmental faculty as appropriate;

To be evaluated on the quality and effectiveness of course content, development, and delivery, quality of curriculum development, effectiveness in developing and managing instruction, effectiveness in advising and mentoring students, and using professional development opportunities and your own original creative work to enhance your teaching.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Teaching the equivalent of five courses (15 credit hours) per academic year;
• Using the college’s online learning management system (Canvas) to maintain accurate course information for students, administrators, and reporting purposes;
• Adhering to the college’s policies concerning attendance, grading, and appropriate reporting of information required by the college’s various administrative offices on a timely basis;
• Providing tutorial support and advising, as appropriate, to students; coordinating with the Academic Support Center to ensure that students receive additional support, as necessary;
• Establishing and posting regular office hours equal to a minimum of 3 hours per week (please note: electronic communication should be used as a supplement, not a substitute, for direct contact and actual office hours);
• Supplying course syllabi, course objectives, and learning outcomes for all courses taught to the Dean, as requested, and in a timely fashion;
• Submitting course descriptions and syllabi in a timely fashion to the Registrar and/or Assistant to the Dean when required;
• Providing the Teti library staff with input regarding appropriate resources for your courses.

Research and Original Creative Work
To be evaluated on the quality of research and/or original creative work, productivity of research and/or original creative work, the sustainability of practice, and contribution and visibility of the research and/or original creative work to the college, community, and field at large, including how it informs and enhances your teaching and how your teaching enhances your research and/or original creative work.

Typical indicators of ongoing, sustained activity of work in the profession expected of all college faculty would include, but are not limited to:
• Participating in solo and group exhibitions at local, regional, and/or nationally–recognized commercial galleries, museums, arts festivals, and alternative exhibition venues;
• The publication of your own original creative work in online, print, or other media forms;
• The publication of articles, critical reviews, monographs, exhibition catalogs, and/or commentary in online and print publications about your research and/or original creative work;
• Acquisitions and/or commissions of your original creative work by private individuals, museums, corporations, non-profit institutions, or governmental entities;
• Grants, fellowships, awards, artist residencies, visiting artist or guest lecturer appointments, or other types of recognition for your original creative work;
• Other evidence of ongoing exploration and development of new creative forms that continue to alter and invigorate our college, community, and society.

Service to the College, the Community, and the Profession
To be evaluated on the quality of the service to the college, the community, and the profession, service to society through consultation and participation, and how your service informs and enhances your own teaching, research and/or original creative work.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Serving as a member of the Faculty Senate and on any assigned Faculty Senate standing or ad hoc committee;
• Attending and participating in a minimum of three college-wide and/or department-specific recruiting events annually;
• Serving as a conference panelist, presenter, or exhibiting artist at regional and national professional association conferences, as appropriate;
• Collaborating with and providing input to the Director of Career Services regarding community service and internship opportunities for your students;
• Engaging with community organizations, corporations, non-profit institutions, and/or governmental entities in ways that further the mission of the college.

• An MFA or MDes degree in User Experience Design, Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, or related discipline, or extensive recognition and experience;
• A record of professional accomplishments within the area of User Experience or Interaction Design;
• Demonstrated knowledge in design using current and emerging interactive technologies for web and mobile applications, user experience (UX) design, user interface design, rapid prototyping, user testing methodologies, and design research;
• Minimum of 5 years teaching and/or management experience;
• Understanding of the historical and theoretical issues current in design and experience with current applications and trends in the field.

• An MFA, MDes, or PhD degree in User Experience Design, Visual Communication, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, or related discipline;
• Minimum of 7 to 10 years teaching and management experience.

Priority will be given to applications received prior to February 1, 2018.

July 1, 2018

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NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

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