Operations Director

Location: Los Angeles, CA Posted: Jan 3

Job Description

The Operations Director is responsible for directing the flow and gradual improvement of the entire operations system. This person must know the mechanics of operations to such an extent that they can anticipate and solve problems before they happen; rectify mistakes and provide solutions on the fly; maintain and improve the quality of products; as well as lead and educate multiple teams on best practices. The position demands great leadership skills, high attention to detail, in-depth understanding of in-house production and manufacturing processes, macro problem solving, great/clear communication and a high proficiency for multi-tasking.

Major Responsibilities
• Staffing
• Directing Work Flow
• Quality Control
• Intra/Interdepartmental Synergy
• Bulk Order Strategizing
• Strategizing for Custom Orders
• Company Development

• Passion for, and experience in, creating and implementing production systems for efficiency
• 5+ years of experience in operations or manufacturing, with 3+ years of management experience
• Excellence in communication across departments and across mediums (including programs like Slack, Smartsheets, etc)
• Demonstrated ability to multi-task and think and work on the fly
• Ability to work through problems physically, or to “think with one’s hands”
• Ability to lead a team with clarity, confidence, and tact
• A desire to mentor team members, offering guidance and leadership.
• Ability to communicate strongly, persuasively, and clearly with fabrication vendors
• Familiarization with lighting safety standards, particularly UL and IEC
• Ability to communicate departmental needs with Directors team, ability to see macro view and vision of company
• Solidworks, Sketchup, Revit experience a plus

Application Details

If this sounds like you please send all applications to brendan@brendanravenhill.com with the following: 

- A cover letter explaining why you want to join Brendan Ravenhill Studio, what drives you creatively and an example of your problem solving skills as it pertains to organizing (this can be a story, a system, anything that demonstrates the way you think and work). We expect a large number of inquiries so use this letter to impress us and let us know why you should be considered. 
- Resume 
- Two professional references 
- Date you can start 
- Compensation requirements

How To Apply

Apply Now

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

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