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Location: San Francisco, CA Posted: Jan 20

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Senior Visualization Engineer @ Visualization Team, Civil Maps

San Francisco, CA

About Us

Civil Maps, provider of 3D mapping technology for fully autonomous vehicles, has raised a $6.6 million seed funding round from Ford Motor Company, Motus Ventures, Wicklow Capital, StartX Stanford and Yahoo cofounder Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures.

Civil Maps’ mission is to make it possible for fully autonomous vehicles (SAE Levels 4-5) to drive anywhere smoothly and safely. Through artificial intelligence and vehicle-based local processing, Civil Maps converts sensor data into meaningful map information built specifically to direct fully autonomous vehicles. The company will use the seed investment to accelerate product development and deployment with a number of leading automotive companies and technology partners.

Civil Maps’ artificial intelligence software aggregates raw 3D data from LiDAR (high-resolution laser imaging), camera and other sensors onboard autonomous vehicles and organizes the information into machine-readable maps. The information is vastly more actionable than today's map data and requires only a fraction of the data storage. Thanks to this light data footprint, Civil Maps’ spatial information is far less costly to transmit over cellular networks, enabling the company to easily crowdsource, update and share road data in real time—a major improvement over the lengthy processes that require human annotation in current use. As a result, the company can quickly generate and maintain maps that give fully autonomous vehicles the comprehensive and precise knowledge to autonomous operate safely and smoothly on all roads.

Job Description:

Civil Maps in San Francisco, CA is seeking a Senior Rendering Programmer to join its new Visualization team here at Civil Maps in San Francisco, CA. We seek an ambitious, self-motivated developer to help craft in-car experiences for Autonomous Vehicles using OpenGL / Unreal Engine with a diverse group of experts and contribute to an early influence on our projects.

Job Description:The Senior Rendering Programmer builds and supports engine and graphics systems for real-time rendering in Autonomous Vehicle infotainment systems, solves complex rendering problems, researches and develops innovative graphics techniques, shaders, algorithms, and tools. This programmer will maintain an open dialog with team members, inviting feedback, and identifying areas of invention and improvement.

Responsibilities :

  • Develop innovative graphics techniques, algorithms, and tools to maximize graphics quality and performance
  • Implement and improve modern game engine graphics pipelines
  • Write high-quality, performant, and maintainable code
  • Test and document code produced
  • Maintain a creative and collaborative working relationship with other team members across various disciplines
  • Mentor and guide less experienced programmers as needed

Requirements :

  • Expertise in C++
  • History supporting production grade render pipelines
  • Graphics/rendering programming
  • Shaders, materials, lighting, rendering pipelines, procedural modeling and generation, 2D image processing, VFX and particle systems, and other graphics techniques
  • Profiling/optimization
  • Proficient in 3D math skill
  • Enthusiasm and initiative
  • Excellent spoken and written communication
  • Strong cross-disciplinary communication skills; collaborative mindset
  • A relaxed attitude to working in an agile environment
  • Commitment to code quality, documentation, and sound testing procedures

Nice-to-Have :

  • Unreal Engine
  • OpenGL
  • Procedural animation techniques
  • Enthusiasm for user experience and design

Required experience:

  • Engine Development: Unreal, OpenGL, or any proprietary engine: 1 year
  • Graphics / Rendering: 6 years

Civil Maps has excited customers who are eager to use the products that we create. Be part of a passionate team of bright minded individuals who work on autonomous vehicle technology in an environment based in team work and collaboration. We offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits and opportunity to grow.

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