Senior Program Manager

Location: San Francisco, CA Posted: Feb 2

Job Description

The Senior Program Manager owns every detail of a program’s operation and delivery, and makes life on the program the best it can be. Often the Program Manager will partner closely with an Account Manager/Lead.

Duties / Responsibilities:
• Create stability and predictability for your programs
• Create optimum conditions for creativity
• Win clients’ trust to do the right things - and to do things right
• Navigate clients and the fuse team confidently through each program - and into the next ones
• Consult with your team leads to develop and clear plan of action on your programs;
• Clearly convey the process and work plan to clients and your teams;
• Ensure all deliverables are clearly specified, scoped and agreed between client and team;
• Keep the team current with critical information, and filter effectively
• Accurately forecast the resources needed to execute client work; keep studio resourcing and time tracking systems up to date
• Communicate utilization rate clearly to clients and team; re-forecast program time/cost as necessary

Required Skills / Experience:
• 5 – 8 years of Program or Product Management experience in a design/agency environment
• Strong understanding of the creative process (and mind)
• Strong critical thinking and verbal abilities
• Experience in formal project management methodologies, including various forms of documentation but with the flexibility of an acrobat
• Experience managing both digital and physical/hardware projects 
• Excellent writing skills and ability to produce enough project documentation, business requirements documentation and functional specifications to drive successful development
• Must have experience in a range of project management situations (i.e. multiple industries and corporate structures, projects of varying duration and complexity).
• Excellent negotiation and interpersonal communication skills
• Requires Bachelor’s Degree
Domestic and international travel may be required

How To Apply

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NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

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