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Location: San Francisco, CA Posted: Feb 12

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Allis Background

Allis specializes in building lifestyle, luxury real estate and hotel brands.

Why do we do what we do?
To lead an industry that has historically been behind the times with forward-looking and innovative design and concepts that dramatically increases financial value. To create brands that respect the multi-million dollar investment people make in homes or the high price points for a hotel experience. To develop brands that continue to evolve the word 'hospitality' for a new generation that views that experience very differently than those before it. To create communication that is sometimes sexy, often inspiring and always strategic. To truly captivate people with creative work that inspires and moves them.

Take a peek at our work:

The Allis Production Artist

Allis is looking for a Production Artist to join our growing creative team. The Production Artist will
contribute to and often lead the production process, supporting workflow and file preparation for a wide variety of agency initiatives. You will be tasked with hands-on production encompassing layout, photo editing/retouching and web assets, and will support in QA efforts during website development to ensure the highest quality output. While working primarily alongside and with the internal creative and
development teams, you'll occasionally facilitate communication with outside print vendors to prepare
mechanicals and ensure quality control. A firm understanding of internal and external communication,
creative development procedures, file building protocol and workflow is key, as is having a solid technical knowledge base of creative programs including but not limited to the Adobe Creative Suite.
Working closely with Designers, Art Directors and our accounts team, you will take an active role in
helping to ensure client satisfaction efficiently under tight schedules. Being resourceful, eager to learn and having a strong work ethic and a calm demeanor amid shifting priorities is a must. This is a great
opportunity to take on an agency's production responsibility and work on a small team that above all else, pushes for excellence in everything they pursue.

The ideal candidate will have a background in working in an agency or in-house creative setting, ideally but not required, working with website development and print production. This person is capable when needed to produce original artwork usually based on established brand guidelines and can help flesh them out in a wide variety of mediums print and digital.

o Facilitate and manage creative production efforts through the agency and establish new
protocols and procedures where needed to increase quality control.
o Manage assigned projects through all phases, from kick-off through client delivery.
o Collaborate and communicate productively across all agency levels and disciplines including
the Accounts and Development teams.
o Maintain and deliver assigned projects on-time and on-budget under a variety of deadlines.

o Understand lean design processes and exhibit intimate fluency with common design software
including the Creative Suite. (Knowledge other creative programs including Adobe Premiere
and Maxon Cinema 4D a bonus but not required)
o Experience creating web assets using Photoshop.
o Technical knowledge of printing, advertising and web production files
o Working knowledge of Keynote
o Strong attention to detail
o Excellent time management and organization skills
o Coordinate and work on multiple projects while possessing a positive attitude.
o Have a formal academic background in Graphic Design, Digital Media Design,
Communication Design, or commensurate work experience.
o Respectfully persistent and relentless in the fierce pursuit of excellence.
o A portfolio that previous work that demonstrates core production skills across a variety of
categories and design formats.
o Demonstrate professional growth in related role(s) for 2-6 years. Agency or digital marketing
department experience is a plus.

Desired Skills & Experience
o Experience working with existing brands and also working with new artwork in digital and
o Ability to work in and having an interest in learning other mediums including but not limited
new digital mediums and environmental.
o 2+ years of production experience in working at a creative agency, or studio or in-house
creative department.

Cultural Fit
We seek enthusiastic and friendly individuals who are smart, curious and tenacious. Individuals who
have the ability to be fast learners, handle quick deadlines and develop points of view for a constantly
changing landscape. We seek those that have the ability to listen, to see value in other opinions and
who are able to collaborate respectfully and effectively. We don't shy away from quirky, we encourage
and embrace it. We're a small 20+ team whose highest priority is to create stunning work and enjoy
the experience while making it

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NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

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