UX Designer

Location: Salzburg, Austria Posted: Feb 28

Job Description

“I’m really into bikes, I’m really into interfaces and I really like working with people from different cultures. Here, I can combine all of these things.”
Danjiel, UX designer

Don’t just execute another user experience - create it – from concept all the way through to design and testing. And, get ready to think beyond websites, apps and HMIs. In this role you’ll use research and use-cases as your guide to develop innovative designs for the digital products our clients need to complete their brand experience.

To do this, you’ll play a key role in concept ideation and development for digital design projects and programs that focus on the user experience and navigation, as well as alternative solutions beyond web and mobile. Then you’ll execute these with compelling, intuitive and logical designs. You’ll also prepare functionality and user tests to evaluate their success.
To create meaningful brand experience, you need:

• BA or MA in interaction design, graphic design, digital media design, or visual arts.
• Experience designing responsive websites and apps with a diverse team of designers, web developers and contractors.
• Superior creativity in the areas of visual concept development and design.
• Best-in-class knowledge of technological development and user-oriented thinking.
• An organised mind-set and the ability to work independently on different projects.

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