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Location: Staufen im Breisgau, Germany Posted: Mar 13

Job Description

The task is with the IKA spin-off realworld one. You will be a part of the creation of a first-ever VR/AR World of Science and Technology experience; a collaborative Virtual and Augmented Reality gaming platform between industry leading scientists and universities for one of the world’s biggest industries.

We are seeking a graphic designer to join our dedicated team on a freelance basis. We need your expertise in creating the corporate design as part of the realworld one corporate identity. Your graphics should highlight our identity and point out our brand messages.
Convince us with your design mock-up for the cover page and one content page of our new corporate brochure until March 20, 2018. Visit for further information about the company and its services/products.

If your result convinces the management team, we are looking forward to working with you on a regular freelance basis. First project would be the completion of the brochure.

Further Responsibilities:
- Participate in developing a new visual and corporate identity for the organization
- Develop a corporate design concept as part of the realworld one corporate identity
- Create graphics and layouts e.g. for our website, brochures, emails, social channels, and ads
- Ensure that the identity gets implemented in everything realworld one does.

Required Qualifications and Skills:
- A solid creative portfolio that demonstrates experience conceptualizing and executing impactful, engaging creative for corporate collateral
- A collaborative attitude and willingness to be flexible and accommodating in this fast-paced environment
- Ambitious, outgoing, self-driven and a joy to work with in a team environment

Application Details

Please provide your design mock-up together with your CV until March 20, 2018 to (subject: corporate brochure realworld one)

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