The North Face: Sr. Designer, Equipment

Location: Alameda, CA Posted: Mar 13

Job Description

The primary responsibilities of the Senior Designer are to design innovative and technologically advanced products that meet the needs of the company’s customers and end users and which in turn drives company sales and profits. This position may also take responsibility for the output and execution of designs by other designers on staff. The Senior Designer should be comfortable designing whole collections around coherent themes, functions, prices, etc. and should also have an understanding of product design in relation to the company brand. The Senior Designer should be comfortable providing inspiration and foundation to the design team for a collection, combining all necessary trend, material, and market research into a viable product line. The Senior Designer is accountable for the creative production of designs to enhance the product category, brings a track record of skillful technical design with success on the market and within elite end-users. The Senior Designer should also expect to serve as a mentor and teacher to less experienced designers on the product team.

Responsible for the high-quality execution of designs for a product category; work may be performed directly by Sr. Designer or by other Designers. Works with Product Director to give input on line and product direction.
Execution of individual designs and collections appropriate to product and design brief. Creation of high quality design packages during design process. Use of Illustration, Designer, and Assistant Design resources to support design effort.
Tracks a design schedule to ensure a timely completion following the predetermined product development calendar.
Researches industry and product periodicals for new information. Partners with material sourcing to develop innovative fabrications.
Creates and communicates visual presentations.
Partners with developers to create innovative and technologically advanced products.
Responsible for proof of concept work by design team. Responsible for defining product appropriate fit.
Presents well-defined ideas and concepts as necessary to internal staff, dealers, outside agents.
Manages, schedules, and facilitates performance of category design staff.
Performs these and other duties as assigned.

Years of Related Professional Experience: 8-10 years
Educational/Position Requirements:
Bachelor's Degree in Design (apparel), or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Experience in flat sketching expertise.
Hands-on experience with CAD software.
Experience in creation of design packages and execution of product designs.
Experience in designing successful products and collections.
Experience in research and analysis and design cycles.
Experience in managing complete product and collection cycles.
Should have technical accessory and backpack experience.
Leads innovation.
Strong knowledge of formulating color palettes.
Strong knowledge and understanding of apparel construction.
Excellent communications skills, including the ability to present concepts to product teams and review boards in a persuasive manner, and communicate responsibilities and timelines to designers on team.
Strong knowledge of product cycles.
Strong knowledge of product design and development process.
Strong understanding of designing for market, trend, and end uses; evaluating those attempts.
Basic knowledge of manufacturing processes.
Strong knowledge of aesthetic form and the ability to design for different consumers and end uses.
Basic knowledge of textile and material construction and properties.
Basic knowledge of product costs and impact of design.
Ability to manage and inspire other designers.

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NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

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