Product Designer

Dimensions Furniture k

Carmel, IN

May 16
Job Description

Design at Dimensions Furniture leverages market research and innovative insights to design and develop compelling product solutions for its customers. We are seeking a Product Designer to join our team who has a proven track record of creating design strategies and guiding clients to compelling solutions and who can make a positive impact at all stages of the product development process. This successful candidate will be passionate about furniture, technology and the future of our industry while applying their skills to a range of projects.

Dimensions Furniture is a growing entrepreneurial company based out of Carmel, Indiana that supplies furniture to some of America’s largest retailers. Our customer base ranges from some of the highest-end retailers to a very price sensitive retailer, which provides our team the opportunity to take on the complete spectrum of challenges presented in today’s marketplace. As our company continues to grow and target new opportunities, we are seeking a designer to join our team and play an integral role in our growth efforts. As Product Designer, this position would be part of our highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary team, responsible for innovation across multiple brands. You will work closely with Dimensions sales and product development teams to conceptualize, design, and execute product development projects. This candidate must show strong personal initiative, accountability and design leadership while embracing a collaborative approach to design.

Our ideal candidate is someone with a strong work ethic and great attention to detail who possesses the ability to think creatively and solve design challenges. This candidate will also:
- have a strong portfolio of smart, desirable and viable design solutions, demonstrating a clear design process and different approaches to problem solving.
- work quickly and effectively through concept explorations in order to identify relevant and viable solutions.
- be highly empathetic with proven ability to research design problems and present design direction in clear and compelling frameworks.
- Ability to shift directions and priorities under tight timelines.
- Strong interpersonal skills.
- Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
- High attention to detail, extremely organized, and efficient.

We value the people that work for us and desire that each employee feel that that they have a real and meaningful stake in the success of this business. As such, every member of our company, in both our United States and overseas offices, participates in a profit sharing bonus plan which constitutes a substantial amount of their overall compensation.

- Bachelor degree or higher in industrial, product, or furniture design
- at least 2 years hands-on design experience in related discipline.
- must have experience in computer design/ rendering software. (the primary software our designers use is SolidThinking)
- experience designing furniture not a must but an advantage
- proficiency in Microsoft Suite Office, particularly with Excel.
- excellent communication skills.
- creativity and flexibility to deal with the varied day-to-day responsibilities of an entrepreneurial firm.
- We are an entrepreneurial firm in which there is very little bureaucracy. In our company, people are expected to take the basic goals and objectives as provided to them and then efficiently organize and manage their work to achieve those goals well and on-time. As such, it is critical that any candidate for this position be very
self-motivated and highly organized.

Compensation and Benefits:

- Annual Base Salary: $50,000

- Incentive Compensation: Incentive compensation is in the form of a profit sharing year-end bonus, payable within 45 days of end of fiscal year.

- Expenses: All business expenses will be paid for by Dimensions. When any business expenses are incurred, you would just submit an expense form with receipts to our accounting staff to be fully reimbursed.

- Vacation and Holiday Policy: Dimensions policy is to allow each employee two weeks (10 work days) vacation time each year. In addition, the office is closed for the following nine holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, and Christmas. If a holiday falls on a weekend, we will generally close for a Friday before or Monday after the holiday.

Dimensions tries to treat each individual employee with respect in its policy towards sick days and personnel days. We expect all employees to make every reasonable effort to be at work and fully attend to their responsibilities for the company. However, we recognize that family must come first. As such, we allow employees to take personal days as needed to attend to medical appointments, serious illness, or other family emergencies without counting against the vacation time in any way. In addition, there is no set limit to the number of allowed sick days. The expectation is that the employees will be at the office if they are reasonably able to do so.

- Health Insurance: Our current health insurance plan is through Anthem/Blue Cross. The current company policy that is in effect for all our employees is that Dimensions pays 80% of the premiums for the employee and Dimensions pays 50% of the premiums for the spouse and any dependents.

- Life Insurance and Short-Term Disability Insurance: This coverage is 100% paid for by the company and is offered through Anthem/Blue Cross. The life insurance coverage is for $25,000 payable to any beneficiary that you designate. The short-term disability insurance coverage would cover wages at 2/3rds of the base salary level for a period of up to 6 months if you became disabled and were unable to work.

- 401K plan: Dimensions has a 401K plan in which you would be eligible to participate. However, the company does not currently offer any matching contribution to employees on this plan.

To apply, please submit your application to rpfrommer@dimensionsfurniture.com

Dimensions Furniture

Dimensions Furniture is a family-owned business with three generations of heritage in the furniture industry. While many things have changed in the furniture business over the years, the best way to achieve long-term success remains unchanged: 1) Sell only to retail customers that truly believe in partnership; 2) Show a singular focus in understanding the needs of those customers and tailor specific solutions to best meet those needs; and 3) Nurture and protect long-term relationships with all parts of the business needed to provide superior value to those customers – from our employees, to our suppliers, to the end customers themselves. While many businesses today concentrate primarily on short-term profits to survive in an increasingly competitive environment, Dimensions is focused on forming long-term partnerships with select retail customers. We base these partnerships upon our ability to offer a superior level of service. Whether that service takes the form of our operations team finding new ways to provide the vast array of products retailers need in the limited quantities they demand, our product development staff delivering new product design, quotes, and samples in a matter of days rather than weeks, or simply our ability to find creative ways to solve customers challenges, Dimensions serves as an extension of our retail customers. Above all else, we make every effort to meet or exceed our commitments to our partners. Our word counts as a bond with all with whom we do business. A high level of service is critical to meeting the needs of our customers. However, as retailers struggle to find a competitive edge in a rapidly changing marketplace, service alone is not enough. Dimensions’ talented team of designers excels at developing fresh new ideas, which are customized to the specific needs of each client. The customization that Dimensions provides allows our customers to separate themselves from the flood of “me-too” products on the market. It is this rare combination of creative design and excellent service that has allowed us to grow and prosper.