Senior Designer

Duarte Inc k

Santa Clara, CA

May 24
Job Description

We love conceptual thinkers, clever visualizers and designers who are comfortable helping others communicate their best. Duarte is looking for a Senior Graphic Designer to put their skills to work into making great visual presentations. You’ll be joining the leading agency dedicated to presentations for over 30 years. We are helping great speakers move audiences on grand stages, creating sales enablement materials that close deals and partnering with executives that are driving change in industries as diverse as tech, consumer goods, entertainment, media, financial services, and healthcare to tell their stories to the world. We dissect complex presentations, digest information, solve visual challenges, and design the best visuals for the audience to understand ideas. 

If this sounds interesting to you, and you also love:

-  Working collaboratively to make the team’s work successful
-  Be recognized for the best of what you bring and recognizing the best of what others bring
-  Supporting each other to get things done
-  Investing in yourself and others to grow

...and want to work in an environment where people work together to make this a reality, keep reading. 

You'd be a great candidate if you hit many of these traits below:

- Diverse portfolio solves visual problems in a clever way - beautifully
-  Ability to lead and delegate projects that involve working with a team
-Adept at shifting gears between the whiteboard to your sketch book to Adobe CS
-  Leverages a streamlined workflow between CS apps while being well-versed in illustrator and photoshop
-  Visual problem solver—you dissect complex information to simplify and abstract it for easier audience digestion
-  Process thinker - addresses design challenges and can clearly articulate a step-by-step approach for coming up with a solution
- You don’t mind rolling up your sleeves to get into the work because you know that there’s a time to design and there’s a time to build—both being equally important to create great work
- Ability to prioritize projects, communicate progress, and deliver on time
-  Finds or helps others find solution to challenges without waiting or asking for permission
-  Hold yourself accountable before you hold others accountable
-  Professional and diplomatic
-  Asks questions until the next steps are absolutely clear in their mind’s eye
-  Communicates well to listen and understand client and stakeholder needs to make the project successful
-  Have worked in a world where design is seen as communication rather than fine art
-  Enjoy guiding and teaching others as much as doing
-  You’re a lifelong learner, always up on the latest trends and tools
- Big bonus if you’re a mastermind at PowerPoint and/or Keynote (but if you’re not, your visual problem solving skills is what will make your designs successful at Duarte and we’ll train you on the presentation tools!)

-  Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design or related field/experience and 5-8 years of equivalent relevant work experience
-  OS – Primarily, Windows. Secondarily, OSX
-  Expert-level knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite software (especially Photoshop and Illustrator)
-  Proficiency in PPT and Keynote (mastery is even better)
-  Strong written and verbal communication skills
-  Excellent self-management skills
-  Experience working in agency environment a plus

NOTE: International candidates must hold a valid US working permit.

Duarte Inc

Duarte is a different kind of agency. Clients come to us with diverse needs, but all are looking for original thinking, design expertise, and above all, simplicity. The design team at Duarte transforms complex ideas into meaningful visuals that tell a compelling story. Our clients include some of the biggest companies and most amazing thinkers of our time, and through our work for them we're changing the definition of "presentation", taking what was a dirty word and turning it into something we're proud to call our niche and specialty. For an idea of what that means, take a look at slide:ology and Resonate before we talk. We're a family culture that serves and adores each other, so a dog-eat-dog approach won't work here; a coach/mentor/do-what-I-do approach works best. We're more about building a reputable company where the phone rings automatically than making hoards of money. We like to hire people who love to plant themselves and stay for decades instead of days and see the fruit of the seeds they plant. Check out our site: www.duarte.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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